New Wood Burning Stoves

Turn the dream of sitting around the cosy warmth of a wood burning stove into reality.

A stove may well help you to reduce your heating bills. You may also find that because the room with your wood burning stove becomes super-cosy that you can let the rest of the house be a little cooler, which can also help to reduce your heating bills. Wood is sustainable and a low carbon fuel, so you also get to reduce your CO2 emissions with a log burner.

The Shropshire Stoves is the 5Kw version of the Stove. You can expect a powerful air wash system to keep the wide viewing window clean, and a fantastic 81% energy efficiency rating.

The stove has a high-quality steel body and door, which gives it an authentic feel and improves heat retention. Eco-design-ready meaning that it meets all the latest emissions standards for wood-burning stoves. It is also approved by DEFRA, allowing you to legally use it in smoke control zones.

£599 inc Vat introductory offer.