An annual service will keep your boiler running smoothly and efficiently.

Every time your burner initially fires, it creates very minute particles of soot, which can cling to the internal sides of the heat exchanger and this can gradually build up over a period of time. If left, it can get to a stage where more and more particles are attracted to this area and this can have an adverse affect on the operation of the boiler.

Over this period, there is also the throughput of fuel, which gradually wears the nozzle hole larger, allowing more fuel to pass through and this can change the combustion settings.

During a service, an engineer will clean the inside of the heat exchanger, as well as check the baffles are correctly located and free from distortion, change the nozzle, reset the combustion parameters and check that all the fittings are clean and free from any leaks. He can also check the boiler operation and ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency.

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