For more than 40 years, Mistral has been manufacturing condensing and non-condensing boilers for customers across the UK.

Our boilers are subject to extensive testing and our range is being continually developed to offer the best value for money and energy efficiency.

Why buy our products?

  • Only Mistral can offer a Condensing Kitchen/Utility, Sealed System, or Combi boiler, up to 41 kw which still fits under a work surface. Models available from only 410mm wide
  • Only Mistral can offer a Condensing Combi boiler greater than 35 kw and up to 70 kw
  • Only Mistral can offer a Condensing Combi PLUS boiler range from 15 – 70 kw. PLUS models give an immersion hot water back up, in the event of a breakdown
  • Only Mistral can offer a complete range of Non Condensing boilers from 15 – 70 kw
  • Only Mistral can offer EVERY boiler as Indoor, Outdoor, Condensing or Non Condensing.

Why are we unique?

Mistral’s innovative design includes a unique Y section centrally located waterway, a feature of all our condensing and non condensing boilers. This jewel in the crown has given us flexibility of product and proven, stable efficiency. When independently tested as an “off the shelf model”, by DECC it came out on top for performance.

Advantages of a Mistral Y section heat exchanger:inner-y

  • The unique shape allows us to start the transfer of heat to water, in the bottom chamber, before it reaches the baffles.
  • A cleaner combustion, now that the baffles no longer have to be so tight in the exchanger to meet efficiency.
  • A higher output at 41 kw, in our small boiler, as against our competitors output of 35 kw.
  • A good efficiency, typical of 93% on Condensing models.
  • Top efficiency on our Non Condensing boilers of up to 88.3% and tested at 3 Star European Rated. 15 – 33 kw

Mistral only fit the highest quality products available in the market, such as Riello burners, Grundfos pumps and Honeywell diverter valves.

We know that not everyone will want to know the technical details of our products, but we would be delighted to talk to potential customers who have questions at any time and you can also read more here